Riverbend Communities With Easiest Access To Edmonton Trails

So you have chosen to live in one of the Riverbend communities for access to great schools for your children, fantastic amenities, safe environment and ease of commuting anywhere in the city for work, but need to have quick access to the River Valley trails, or Whitemud Creek trails. No problem, we got you! And, we totally get it. You need the trails to unwind, exercise, clear your head after a hectic week. It's your escape, and a form of meditation for many Edmontonian's. It is how you start your day, or end your day. It has become an integral part of your day or week, and something you look forward to every day. The Edmonton trail systems are this and so much more for many active families and individuals, and that is why we created this list to help you prioritize having easy access to these trails.

The truth is, that most Riverbend communities will give you reasonably close access to some sort of trail access. At the very least within a short drive, bike ride, or longish walk. But this list is for the folks who want to run out their front door and be on the trails. We're talking spitting distance of the trails! So many Edmontonians spend an exorbitant amount of time running, biking, walking, and just all around enjoying the Edmonton River Valley, or various creek trails we are so incredibly lucky to have access to. So it's no wonder why some folks would want to live exceptionally close to them. And if Riverbend is where you choose to live, then you might just very well have access to some of the best trails Edmonton has to offer. Let's go!

In no particular order... Other than my extreme bias, and obvious favoritism... Just kidding.. mostly.

The River Valley Side (West side of Riverbend)

Rhatigan Ridge/Terwillegar Park Estates

Located in the community of Rhatigan Ridge, Terwillegar Park Estates is a subdivision within this community conveniently snugged right up to the North Saskatchewan River on the West side of Riverbend. Some of the homes here literally face the River! So what makes this community so special, well these lucky homeowners have quick, and I mean QUICK access to not only the vast River Valley trails but trails that will lead you directly to Terwillegar Park. For those that might not be familiar, Terwillegar Park is a multi-use trail system and off-leash dog park. Arguably one of the best in the city! It's not only amazing to walk the fur friends, but if you enjoy mountain biking, they have also designated some excellent trails throughout the Park just for you. It is a multi-use and shared trails system, so make sure to respect your fellow trail users, but there is more than enough room for everyone, and a fantastic place to spend time in winter and summer. Terwillegar Park Estates might have been singled out here as it borders the River, but you really can't go wrong living anywhere in Rhatigan Ridge, especially West of Riverbend Rd. You'll be enjoying nature in no time.

Ramsay Heights

Another fantastic community bordering the West side of Riverbend. Similar to Rhatigan Ridge, is Ramsay Heights. You are going to have quick access to the River Valley and Terwillegar Park, but another hidden gem is the lookout point on Whitemud RD. WHAT A VIEW!

Brander Gardens

One of the first communities developed of the Riverbend communities dating back to the 1970s, and bordering the River Valley to the North and West, Brander Gardens is the perfect community to call home for any active family or individual. However, where this community differs from others, is Edmonton's very own, Fort Edmonton Park sits directly below this community on the North Saskatchewan River. These Trails give you access to all sorts of various locations. You can cross the River and find your way to new trails, or follow the trails North/Northeast-wardly, and find yourself heading toward the University side of the River Valley, or Downtown, or even further depending on your stamina and cellphone service to call your sweetie to come and rescue you... (may or may not be speaking from experience). Brander is a sweet spot to get your sweat on in the River Valley trails.

Henderson Estate

And rounding out the list of Riverbend communities with quick access to the River Valley trails is nonother than Henderson Estates. Of the communities listed thus far, Henderson Estates is one of the newer developed communities with many homes built in the 90s and early 2000s. The community itself is rich with great walking paths, and community parks with many leading you directly to the North Saskatchewan River trails.


Whitemud Creek Side (East side of Riverbend)


Now, if you know the area already, you might be wondering if I even know what I'm talking about. Brookside also allows for access to the North Saskatchewan River. And if you thought that, you would be correct! But it also gives you access to Whitemud Creek as well, so you get the best of both worlds, and that is why it's topping the list for communities with access to Whitemud Creek trails. Because no matter if you are feeling the River Valley trails, or Whitemud Creek trails, you are covered. As a bonus for the residents of Brookside, you are within walking distance to the Snow Valley Ski Resort, for any avid skiers or boarders out there.

Bulyea Heights

Yes indeed, this list could not be complete without discussing nonother than Bulyea Heights. Highly sought after, with access to excellent parks, schools, and countless other reasons why the community would attract homeowners, this community borders Whitemud Creek as well giving you access to beautiful tranquil walking paths that are engulfed with nature. Feed the birds, watch the ducks, and beavers, and I'm sure there are deer in there sometimes. It truly is one of the best places to enjoy a walk in nature in our city. The benefit of these trails is they will lead other communities like Aspen Gardens, and Westbrooke Estates giving you even more trails and communities you can walk and explore.

Ogilvie Ridge

Just a little further South is Ogilvie Ridge, bordering Whitemud Creek on the Eastern side of Riverbend. Another fantastic community with excellent parks, walking trails, and access to great schools and amenities. The community is highly sought after, and homeowners tend to stay for the long term once they move in.

That concludes our list of top Riverbend communities offering the best access to trails. I hope you found this helpful, or a the very least somewhat interesting, and if you ever have questions, or want some assistance, I'm always happy to show you around.

See you on the trails!

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