golf bag overlooking beautiful golf course


There are actually many reasons why someone would want to live in the community of Windermere, but I’m going to give a quick list of 5 of the top reasons to get you started! Please keep in mind they are not in any order ;)


1)     Do you like golfing? If you do, it is a fantastic reason to move to Windermere. There are two courses in the neighbourhood, and one just outside. They are beautiful courses along the river. You have Windermere Golf & Country Club (membership), River Ridge Golf & Country Club, and just a minute outside the community of Windermere is Jagare Ridge Golf Club.

2)     Shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Yep, they are all in this community! Currents of Windermere is a local commercial hub with all the amenities…

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Looking up at a condominium building


 Condo living is a fantastic choice for many people, in many different stages of life. For young people who want out of renting and are entering the world of home ownership, it’s a great option! And, on the other end of the spectrum, it is ideal for empty nesters who want to downsize and keep a “home-base” close to the family while they travel. No matter what the reason, condominium ownership could be the right choice for you.

 When buying a condominium, there are many different factors that need to be considered. Firstly, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not only buying the condo, but you are also buying into a condominium corporation. Condo buildings and complexes are all run and maintained by a “condo board.” Typically, board…

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