5 Tips For Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Selling your home during the holidays is no easy task. The busyness of the holidays aside, the market has typically cooled a bit as most buyers have decided to wait until after the holidays before the continue to pursue their purchase. Nevertheless, Sometimes life just puts you in a position where you need to keep trying to sell, or put your home up for sale during the holiday season. And believe it or not, there are still buyers out during this time of year! maybe not as many, but they are out there. People always need to buy homes, and that's a fact.

As I mentioned in the video above, there are a few tips that can help you manage expectations for having your home listed for sale during the…

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Edmonton Real Estate Market Update December 2021

Well, here we are in early December, when the real estate market it typically heading into hibernation for the holidays, but not this year. For December, the market remains fairly active compared to your more typical year. So what gives? What is causing this continued activity? 

There are a couple things that I see driving this activity. I'll explain them below in a bit more detail.

1) Interest Rates - I feel this is probably the biggest reason why we are seeing a bit more activity than normal for this time of year. Over the last year, we have witnessed some of the lowest interest rates we have seen. Currently, they sit somewhere in the mid 2%'s, give or take depending on the person, and…

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