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A realtor's job isn't just about negotiations. A realtor's job is all about building lasting connections with the very best industry professionals and acquiring a deep understanding of the ever-fluctuating market. As your realtor, I am here to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Whether selling for top dollar, or selling as quickly as possible, I have the experience and understanding of your neighbourhood's recent sales as well as industry-leading marketing tools at my disposal to assist in whatever your goals may be. 

Why use a realtor to assist in the sale of your home? No, it's not just about negotiations. There are tons of ways that using a realtor can take the headache out of the process. Most people are too busy with their careers and family to deal with the stress of constant calls for showing requests. Many people are so accustom to their homes that it is difficult to understand all of the things that need to be done to get top interest, and top dollar for your home. And, once there is interest and a realtor calls to get a feel of the property and what a fair offer would be, what do you say? What happens when an offer comes in far lower than you feel would be fair? How do you respond in a way that will keep emotions out of the process?

Years of experience with these types of simple issues have given me the expertise to deal with not only these issues, but also the many other little details that keep a deal together once an offer has been accepted. These details are easily missed in our world of hectic work, busy family, but a professional does not easily miss them. 

No, using a realtor to sell your home isn't just about negotiations, but it is one of many benefits you’ll be relieved that I bring to the table. And, as a seasoned negotiator, you’ll be happy I’m on your side!

The Process

Now that you’ve made the decision to sell your home, there may be a few lingering questions about where to go from here. Aside from finding and hiring an experienced realtor, there are some additional things you might want to do to maximize the reasonable sale price of your home, such as:

-      Have quality photos of your home for the listing. This is key. Nothing showcases the beauty of your home like an excellent photo! As your realtor I have access to some of the best real estate photographers out there, as well as some pretty exciting technology that will create 3D tours of your home. All of these types of services are paid for by the realtor- they are not additional selling costs- and they serve to ensure you receive top dollar for your home by attracting serious (and seriously interested) buyers!

-      Staging your home. Staging your home can be as simple as new towels in the guest bathroom or as complicated as new living room furniture. The purpose of staging is to present as well as possible to prospective buyers and help them to see the potential in each room of your home. A huge bed, or dark walls can dwarf a small room. Sometimes furniture can make a room feel even more dated if the flooring or fixtures are also older. An experienced realtor has seen thousands of homes and can spot the issues that could become a stumbling block for a potential buyer. They are a great resource for advice on what type of help your home might need before going on the market

-      Some repairs and upgrades might need to be done. Unless you purchased the property for the sake of flipping it, it is unlikely you are keen to spend a bunch of time and money on repairs and upgrades. But there are things that should be done to keep people’s interest in your home, and to avoid issues with an inspection condition. Your realtor will be the right person to ask about which repairs or upgrades will be the most cost effective and have the biggest impact on buyer interest, and resale value. For an investor, a new roof, water heater and furnace will be paramount, while a new home buyer might be more interested in the light fixtures and appliances.

-      Do not overlook the importance of cleaning and de-cluttering! Everyone gets used to the clutter and day-to-day state of their own home. Even the cleanest and most organized homes have their own smells and daily messes. These things are realistic to expect from a homeowner, but unfortunately it can be one of the biggest obstacles standing between a seller and an offer. People looking at your house understand that you live there, and most can see past your things enough to imagine themselves living there. What they cannot see past, however, is dust on the baseboards and clutter in the corners. Could it stop them from making an offer on your home? Maybe not. But it could, however, prevent them from making a great offer. Dirt can make a home look like it needs work- even when it doesn’t, and clutter can make the biggest of rooms feel small. Sometimes when there is neither clutter, nor dirt, it can be something as simple as a food smell that turns a buyer off and prevents them from making an offer. So remember, when it comes to this area, no detail is too small to assume the buyer will overlook it. In fact, assume they are looking for the flaws- because they are.

-      Make sure you have maximum exposure.With so many listings out there, it is important to be seen in more areas than just an MLS listing online. Experienced realtors are using so many new methods of informing people about your listing- from social media to online ads and much more. Your realtor should be fully aware of the best ways to get your listing in front of potential buyers!

Why should I use a realtor?

In an online world where do-it-yourself is easier than ever, it can be extremely tempting to consider selling your home yourself rather than have a professional handle the transaction. There are so many different facets to selling a home, that often people who initially intended to sell their home themselves end up using a realtor when they grow impatient with their lack of buyer interest because of limited access to marketing, or frustrated with low-ball offers from buyers who see your for-sale-by-owner sign and think bargain! 

A realtor is an expert at the best price to list your home to ensure the most interest based on comparable properties in your area, the best avenues of marketing your home, things you can do to show well to potential buyers, and how to negotiate the best possible deal. 

To sell your home at a great price, there are some key factors to consider:


If your home is not listed with a realtor, your home will not appear on the Multiple Listings Service, a tool used by realtors to search and locate property matches for their clients, or, an online site used by millions of potential home buyers to view homes for sale within their preferred location and price. Realtors are also experts at marketing homes to potential buyers and have access to the latest technology, advertising mediums, home stagers, and professional photographers that will get buyers in the door. 

They have the time it takes to promote your home!


Understanding the real estate market you are currently in is paramount to getting the best deal possible. Too often sellers who go it alone sit on the market with no interest because they are priced too high for the current market. Maybe six months ago the house down the street went for a similar price, but perhaps there have been changes to the market you are not aware of, or perhaps your house is different in some way that is significant to buyers that you are not taking into account. 

Understanding real estate law is an often-overlooked issue. It is constantly changing and difficult to keep up on. It is all too easy for a deal to fall apart because of a lack of understanding in this area, and there is always the possibility of law suits occurring when contracts are not properly handled or understood. An easy way to gain a disadvantage in the negotiations is to be the party with no knowledge or experience in this vital aspect of the transaction.  


It can be extremely difficult to keep emotions out of the negotiations when the home being discussed is the one where your children may have taken their first steps, or where you and your spouse first moved in together. So many significant memories can make for emotional negotiations when negative points about your home are inevitably brought up. And if negotiations take a negative turn, how do you get things back on track without loosing your negotiating power? Many buyers do not want to deal with an emotional buyer who cannot handle the sale objectively, so having a realtor who understands your emotional attachment to the home and your desire to get a great price for it can make the negotiations go smoothly.  

There are so many advantages to using the professional service of a realtor that it would be impossible for you to re-create the education and experience required to sell your home well-timed, and at a great price, simply because of access to the internet 

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Corey Sylvester, Liv Real Estate

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I've had the privilege of serving Edmonton and surrounding communities for over 13 years. Helping buyers, sellers and investors meet their residential real estate goals by providing experience and knowledge about the Edmonton Real Estate market. My main goal is to provide my clients with the highest level of service available, so they can be confident with their decisions, and successful no matter what their real estate goals might be. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, sell a home, or both, I have the experience, tools and proven strategies to help you succeed. Born and raised in Edmonton, I have an intimate knowledge of Edmonton, and surrounding areas. Buying and selling a home is the biggest investment most people make, and it pays to have an experienced real estate agent on your side to advise you through the process.


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