Southwest Farmers Market Entrance

Yesterday (May 17, 2017) kicked off this year’s Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market! The clouds seemed to part after a couple days of rain and cooler weather just in time, and the market was full of people. We had shown up about an hour after the market opened and some of the vendors were already sold out of many of their hot ticket items.

There were food trucks, a variety of vendors offering fresh organic fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, as well as baked goods, crafts, and an eclectic mix of delicious heat & eat dishes from all over the word. Live music and kettle corn added to the fun community atmosphere, making it a great way to spend a Wednesday evening with the family.

The Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market is held every Wednesday from…

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Row of houses in the spring

Edmonton Spring Market


As I write this, snow is flying. Looking outside you would think you were stuck in a snow globe. You would never guess that spring is approaching. The clocks have all “sprung forward,” and we have seen a couple bursts of warm weather, but it’s all been followed by freezing temperatures and massive amounts of snow. Just last week the East coast has had one of the biggest snowstorms they have seen in a long time. None-the-less, spring is officially here. Eventually the weather will warm, snow will melt and before you know it, Edmonton will become a sandy, slush-covered mess, and Edmontonians will be gearing up to enjoy our beautiful river valley, golf courses, camping, fishing, biking, and everything other outdoor activity…

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Windermere Community Market Stat - February 2017

The month of February was quite busy for the community of Windermere. With 11 single family home sales and 3 homes over 1 million selling, it was a huge increase from last year. As the weather warms and we approach our spring market, homes sales and buyer activity will increase, as well as inventory. If you're thinking of selling this year, now is the time start getting ready. If you would like to know what your home is worth, feel free to use our online Home Evaluation tool, or call us to schedule an in-person evaluation.

Windermere Sales Charts for February 2017


~ Corey Sylvester, REALTOR®

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golf bag overlooking beautiful golf course


There are actually many reasons why someone would want to live in the community of Windermere, but I’m going to give a quick list of 5 of the top reasons to get you started! Please keep in mind they are not in any order ;)


1)     Do you like golfing? If you do, it is a fantastic reason to move to Windermere. There are two courses in the neighbourhood, and one just outside. They are beautiful courses along the river. You have Windermere Golf & Country Club (membership), River Ridge Golf & Country Club, and just a minute outside the community of Windermere is Jagare Ridge Golf Club.

2)     Shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Yep, they are all in this community! Currents of Windermere is a local commercial hub with all the amenities…

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Looking up at a condominium building


 Condo living is a fantastic choice for many people, in many different stages of life. For young people who want out of renting and are entering the world of home ownership, it’s a great option! And, on the other end of the spectrum, it is ideal for empty nesters who want to downsize and keep a “home-base” close to the family while they travel. No matter what the reason, condominium ownership could be the right choice for you.

 When buying a condominium, there are many different factors that need to be considered. Firstly, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not only buying the condo, but you are also buying into a condominium corporation. Condo buildings and complexes are all run and maintained by a “condo board.” Typically, board…

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 Children running to school

Moving to get in the right school?

One of the most common reasons for a family to move to a new location is that their preferred school is in that community, or to be in the catchment area for a specific school. Maybe your child is a future pro athlete and there is a school with a fantastic sports program, or maybe you want them to go to French emersion, or be involved in a science program. What ever the reason, you want to do your homework before committing to the move.

These days the clear majority of the research can be done online. With just about everything at our fingertips, you can see most of the information you need from the comfort of your own home. But once you are just about ready to commit, you want to visit the school in person,…

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Purchasing a home is an exciting time, whether it’s your first or fifth. There are so many possibilities and opportunities associated with a new home, like a shorter commute to work or a new school and set of friends for the kids, more space for the family or the back yard you’ve been dreaming of, entertainment space to host get-togethers, a man-cave or spa-like ensuite bathroom. Whatever you’re excited about, the home buying experience will deliver it, along with a host of other emotions.

With all the excitement, stress will likely be along for the ride. There are many moving parts in a home purchase. You will need to view several homes, which can be taxing on your schedule. Once you find a new home you may not be the only person interested…

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A neatly organized living room


Why do some homes sell quickly while others sit on the market, or don’t sell at all?


There are a few factors that need to be taken in to account. Some of the more obvious things like: current market, location, time of year are all things that need to be considered, but are frankly things that you can't always control. You can't help if your city or town is going through a bit of a slump, and you can't help if your job moves you to a new location and now you need to try and sell in the middle of January. Those are things outside of your control. Luckily, there are several things that you CAN do to increase the salability of your home.


First, you need to ask yourself if I walked in to my house for the first time, what would I think?…

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Beautiful Edmonton skyline with sun setting behind

Real Estate Forecast – 2017

Last week (January 4th, 2017) the Edmonton Real Estate Association held their annual forecast. With speakers including Christina Butchart Senior Market Analyst CMHC, Catherine Rothrock Chief Economist Government of Alberta, and John Rose City of Edmonton Chief Economist. This is the annual review of the previous year’s real estate market for Edmonton and surrounding areas, and a summary of what these local economists are forecasting for the upcoming year. 

For the most part all presenters agreed with what we can expect for 2017. Modest growth and recovery, with a splash of uncertainty.

Some main points from James Mabey; Chair, REALTORS® Association of Edmonton:

  • Single-family home sales were down 5.4% in 2016…

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A model of a home with coins stacked around, Home financing


New Mortgage Rules And What It Means For You

(written November of 2016) 


Effective October 17, 2016 (announced on October 3, 2016), mortgage rules changed for you and every other Canadian. In an effort to get control of Canadians borrowing, and to help cool over-heated markets like Vancouver and Toronto, the Canadian Government implemented some new borrowing rules for Canadians who are purchasing homes.

So what was changed?

They have implemented what is called an interest rate “stress-test.” How it works, is: 

 “To help ensure new homeowners can afford their mortgages even when interest rates begin to rise, mortgage insurance rules require in some cases that lenders “stress test” a borrower’s ability to make their mortgage…

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