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Summerside Grande Boulevard in South Edmonton Halloween Fun!

* 2023 Update including new photos!

Wow, this year turned out to be one of the best ones yet! Home owners on Summerside Grande Boulevard really showed up and the decorations were nothing short of incredible. The boulevard was lit up with spooky ghouls, ghosts and there were so many new additions for families from all over to come and enjoy. Summerside Grande Boulevard is really becoming a "go-too" for families for Halloween, and every year it just keeps getting better.

There were decorations for everyone to enjoy, from less scary, but incredibly creative decorations with the use of projectors, and seemingly transparent spectrums, to more mature and scary themes. Trully something to…

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Trick-or-treating in a pandemic?

How many of us have been back and forth with that over the past week? These poor kids have been through quarantine, missed birthday parties and much-loved family vacations this year, but do we put them through the risk of Halloween? 

For those of us who’ve decided to brave the cold and potential cold symptoms to give their kids a bit of Halloween joy this year, here are a few tips:

1)    Sanitizer. Bring it with you! Douse the kids in it each time you go to a house. As potent as the stuff can be, it can make all the difference when it comes to carting germs between houses and spreading the COVID risk around the neighbourhood.

2)    Lights out- don’t approach! If one of your neighbours doesn’t have so much…

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As a beam of sunlight suddenly poured into our kitchen I thought, “Did the clouds break? Because I need one.” So I left the chicken dinner on the stove and packed up the kids. But where to go in Windermere on a Tuesday evening?

Bookended by the Starbucks and Brown’s Social Hall, the Currents of Windermere Farmer’s Market runs every Tuesday evening from 4:30pm to 7:30pm and is a perfect place to find some family fun.


As soon as we got there I heard it: “Daddy! Daddy! Can I go on the slide?” My son was practically jumping out of his skin to go down RLT Technologies Inflatable Rental’s MASSIVE slide. Their deal is one slide for a dollar, or unlimited for five dollars, and can I make a…

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