Summerside Grande Boulevard in South Edmonton Halloween Fun!

* 2023 Update including new photos!

Wow, this year turned out to be one of the best ones yet! Home owners on Summerside Grande Boulevard really showed up and the decorations were nothing short of incredible. The boulevard was lit up with spooky ghouls, ghosts and there were so many new additions for families from all over to come and enjoy. Summerside Grande Boulevard is really becoming a "go-too" for families for Halloween, and every year it just keeps getting better.

There were decorations for everyone to enjoy, from less scary, but incredibly creative decorations with the use of projectors, and seemingly transparent spectrums, to more mature and scary themes. Trully something to interest anyone looking to get into the Halloween spirit.

So if you find yourself looking for some spooky fun in South Edmonton, Summerside Grande Boulevard should definitely be 

on your list!

Some of the more notable additions and decorations this year...


A houses decorations with many creative features including the                                              A ghoulish display on Summerside Grande Boulevard

use of projectors and a smilingly translucent ghost!


Some Skeletons lounging on Summerside Grand Boulevard                                                      Lake summerside camp is fun for everyone... including these ghouls.

This week Halloween promises to be bearable, and dare I say… maybe even a bit warm? So for those of us looking to squeak in some spooky fun with the kids, Summerside Grande Boulevard might be something to consider! 

As Halloween’s answer to Candy Cane Lane, this southeast Edmonton street has it all. From unique eye-catchers like Ursula the sea witch and ghostly window specters, to pumpkins and minions and other sure-to-be favourites of the little ones, to ghoulish demons and guillotines and terrifying zombie children swinging on a foggy porch singing a frightening song that will forever haunt my dreams…  

But I digress. 

Summerside’s lit and lively Grande Boulevard seems to be the place where all the best decorations from Halloween Alley have found their forever homes, making it one of the best places in the city to trick-or-treat. Which is why, back in 2015, the decorations attracted so many trick-or-treaters that many of the homes on this street ran out of candy in the early evening, and why, in 2016, they established a redistribution centre to help homes re-stock any dwindling dishes and prevent any dreaded candy droughts.  

Autumn in Edmonton comes and goes in the blink of an eye. The leaves seem to yellow and fall before your Pumpkin Spice Latte cools enough to take your first sip. So, for those us searching for a cost-effective way to enjoy the last of the autumn weather, or searching for a way to get the little ones into the Halloween spirit before trick or treating on Wednesday, or even just searching for the best place to take them trick or treating- Summerside Grande Boulevard might be something to consider!

If you’re brave enough…

Happy Halloween!

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Corey Sylvester, REALTOR®

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