Riverbend Real Estate Market March 2021

Hello Everyone! As we enter our spring market, I wanted to give a quick update as to what we've seen so far in Riverbend for homes sales. I'm sure you've all heard about how busy the real estate market is, and maybe you've considered making your move and striking while the iron is hot! And this might very well just be the right move... depending on what you're selling. The market is very active, and certain demographics and price points are incredibly active right now. While others... not so much.  I'll give a quick version of where we are seeing our highest activity, as well as which markets are struggling. 

The reality is most of the real estate news you hear is Canada wide. The reality is, there are two markets that significantly dictate those numbers, and neither of them are in Alberta! Toronto and Vancouver have a significant affect on the "Canadian Real Estate Market", while us in Edmonton, although still very active, are NOT seeing the same problems those two cities are seeing due to the current market conditions. 

The 30 Second Version...

I'll briefly touch on where we are seeing hotspots, and where we are aren't. I will do a separate blog on this to provide more detail, but if you are on the fence of whether or not to list your home right now, I want to make sure you know what is going on out there.

Bad news first - Condo... Condos are a tough sell right now. The buyer activity has certainly started to pick up a little compared to last year, however, the market is still ultra competitive. Meaning there is high inventory, with low (er) buyer demand. Especially in some of our more established Riverbend communities. It's not to say it won't sell if you list it, it's just that you will need to be priced competitively, and show better than the competition. To be blunt, you need to be the best option at the best price to attract what few buyers are out there. There are still effective marketing strategies for this type of property, so if you want to learn more, contact me to discuss in more detail. 

Now for the good news!  - Where we are seeing a very high level of activity currently is in entry level price points. This is the first time buyer price ranges (sub $450K). The last couple of months have been an absolute war-zone in many cases with competing buyers going after the best options. The reason for this is record low interest rates, and good inventory options, and prices are still very affordable. This has also started to trickle into our move-up buyer demographics (this is where Riverbend home sellers should pay attention). Move up buyers are selling their first home and upgrading. The market is just about perfect for this demographic. With a very active market in the $350,000 - $500,000 price point, mixed with great inventory options for the $500,000+ buyers, and add the amazing interest rates, well HELLO! Even if it wasn't originally in their plan to upgrade, not is just about perfect conditions to do so. So many are! As we are seeing many of their first homes selling now, we will see more and more buyer activity in the $450,000 - $700,000 price ranges in coming weeks. Which is good, as we are finally seeing listings come on in our communities. Yay!

With the activity levels we are seeing in these markets, it has a trickle down effect to the higher price points as well. In fact, in the luxury market, we have seen some pretty significant sales in recent weeks. However, these homeowners will need to keep in mind that there are quite a few options out there still, and that they will still need to be competitively priced, and have patience.  

If you have any questions about the real estate market activity for your home specifically, you can request an online, or in person market evaluations here.

Riverbend Market Snapshots for the month of March 2021

 brander gardens market snapshot - march 2021 

brookside market snapshot - march 2021

bulyea heights market snapshot - march 2021

carter crest market snapshot - march 2021

falconer market snapshot - march 2021

haddow market snapshot - march 2021

henderson estates market snapshot - march 2021

hodgson market snapshot - March 2021

leger market snapshot - march 2021

ogilvie ridge market snapshot - march 2021

ramsay heights market snapshot - march 2021

rhatigan ridge market snapshot - march 2021

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