Looking for a nice place to stop for some of that magic bean drink? Here is a guide to some of our favourite coffee shops in Southwest Edmonton! (in no particular order)

Today’s world of instant information sees many a perspective homebuyer scrolling through homes from their couches, which doesn’t take long to turn tedious. But finding a way to change the scenery with a cup of steamy London Fog or a foamy Cappuccino and a sweet treat while you look for your forever home can really turn an it’s-too-mucky-outside-to-go-anywhere kind of day into an awesome outing!

And this reason to get out extends to more than just the house-hunt. In Canada, we’re pretty well known for our militant loyalty to Tim Hortons, and the convenience factor plays a big part in that. When you’re in a rush on your half-hour lunch break, or on your way to work Tim Hortons’ drive through is pretty fast (even with that line-up). But what about when you just want to grab a coffee with a friend? Or get out of the house for a bit and crack that book that you’ve been dying to start? 

Well, here’s a quick list of some of the best coffee shops in southwest Edmonton. And no offense to Starbucks lovers, but we’ve chosen to omit them from this list, even though there is very likely a nice one in your neighbourhood. 

Windermere, Ambleside & Glenridding Heights

Waves Coffee

5124 Mullen RD                                                                                                                                    


It’s not hard to tell when you walk into Waves that they were founded in Vancouver. Somehow they’ve managed to transfer that chill, beach-y vibe all the way to the prairies. Their décor is very neutral and clean, with a few pops of colour splashed here and there. 

Their menu offers delectable desserts for everyone from vegans to gluten-free diners, and those dietary flexibilities extend into their breakfast and lunch menu as well with vegan wraps and calzones.

As a truly Canadian coffee chain, their menu has a few nods to our great nation. For instance, they offer a Canadiano instead of an Americano. And they have a- get ready for it- Maple Macchiato. Yup. It’s on their menu of specialty coffees and it’s a must-try. 

So if you’re living in the Windermere area and feeling like getting out of the house or scrolling through listings on the lap-top, head over to Waves!



Riverbend & Terwillegar Heights

Remedy Café

1707 Towne Centre Blvd NW                   

Just across the street from the Mac’s is Terwillegar’s treasure of a coffee shop nestled into the neighbourhood’s abundant greenery. The décor is a funky mix of bold colours and un-pretentious furnishings, and their impressive menu with Indian flair caters to almost every dietary restriction. Whether it’s the Vegan Ham, Egg, and Swiss bagel for breakfast, or the Coconut Chicken for dinner this menu has something for everyone. 

As far as their hot beverages go, they have a wide range of specialty coffees and some delicious sounding fogs, but their specialty is their chai. In the summer, they offer iced chais, coffees, and fogs, as well as a variety of specialty milkshakes!

Whether you’re walking over, or taking a quick drive down from Brander Gardens, this is definitely the best place for a casual meet-up with friends and some great eats!

Heritage Valley, Rutherford & Allard 


14132 28 Ave SW


Brand new to the Edmonton’s southwest coffee shop scene is the aptly named Caffiend located in the midst of Chappelle’s rapidly growing community. And, as much as big chains are wonderful to see when you move into a new community, seeing these independent cafés move in are even better!

Caffiend has been designed perfectly for the community; it has an almost in-the-mountains sort of feel. There’s this great communal-style table that compliments the feel of the space and would be perfect for any larger group. The walls serve as a tasteful canvas to showcase some pretty incredible artwork for sale by local artists. 

Craft sodas and Kombucha’s are available to anyone looking for a something more refreshing to accompany one of this café’s delicious soup and sandwich combos, which they are never predictable about because the menu specials change. And, of course, their menu features some incredible deserts. Coffee-glazed brownie anyone?

Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to relax with a Caffien-ated beverage, or someplace with a great vibe to host an event, Caffiend is place to be.

Twin Brooks, MacEwan, Blackburn & Blackmud Creek

Awake Coffee House

11029 9 Ave NW

Don’t let this café-pharmacy combo throw you; Awake Coffee House is a treasure for anyone who loves organic, locally sourced options when heading out for a bite to eat or someplace to grab a coffee.  

This café gets their Drumroaster Coffee direct from Vancouver Island and it is the source for their extensive menu of lattes and iced coffees. It also feels like it’s the source of inspiration for the atmosphere inside. The combination of neutral greys and sea-foam green has a truly coastline vibe, as if you were on one of Vancouver Island’s rocky beaches.

Their coffee accompaniments of deserts and pastries are delightful, but it’s their bubble-waffles that are the real star of this menu. Make sure to come on the weekend if you are looking to try a bubble-waffle sandwich!

Aspen Gardens, Westbrook Estates, Royal Gardens, Rideau Park, Blue Quill, Ermineskin, Steinhauer, Duggan, Greenfield & Sweet Grass 

Square 1 Coffee

15 Fairway Dr NW 

As large as the area it services, one of the first things you might notice about this Edmonton café is the open feel as you walk in the door. The second thing you might notice is the chandelier. Both of these elements give the atmosphere in Square 1 Coffee a cozy elegance that adds to the overall experience. 

Tucked into the corner of Aspen Gardens and Westbrook Estates, this hot-spot offers a lovely range of specialty coffees and a great selection of sandwiches and wraps for anyone looking for a spot to grab lunch and a cinnamon knot, one of this café’s most popular treats. They also provide board games for people looking for a place to hang out with friends.

Thursday evenings are open mic nights, so anyone with a hidden talent or those who just want to support blossoming local talent should head down to Square 1 Coffee between 7-9pm. It’s a great place to be!  

Skyrattler, Keheewin & Bearspaw

Coffee Life

1913 105 St NW

This kid-friendly gem is exactly the kind of low-key spot that every neighbourhood needs! With a lovely play space for the smaller children to climb around while you enjoy one of their locally sourced brews, or a bunch of plug-ins for the older kids to game on their iPad while you tuck into a good book, this is a wonderful spot to unwind with the family on a free afternoon. 

The décor is earthy and fun, and the play space doesn’t feel like it’s taking over the atmosphere of the café, which makes it a welcoming option if you’re just looking for a relaxing spot to grab a coffee or something delicious for lunch without any kids in-tow.  

Stocked with goodies right from our local farmers’ markets, this café will not disappoint whether you’re grabbing a cookie for the kids or a pastry for yourself, and they also offer vegan or gluten-free options. 

Don’t forget to check out their website for their featured events!

Grandview Heights, Lansdowne, Malmo Plains, Lendrum Place & Pleasantview

Crum Coffee Bar

4640 Calgary Trail NW

At the old Second Cup location on Calgary Trail is Edmonton’s latest coffee spot, Crum Coffee Bar. Its modern and stylish décor feels inviting and their shades-of-grey colour scheme really add to that urban feeling as you tuck into a paleo pastry.

Yes, I said paleo pastry. This café has an awesome range of clean-eating options for those of us who would love a coffee and a pastry, but can’t rationalize the extra calories. They offer gluten-free to vegan to paleo choices from an amazing local bakery called Food in the Nūd, as well as a selection of pastries they import frozen from France and fresh bake every morning. 

Their menu of coffees has the full range of latte options and Café Freddo is their must-try menu item. Their tea menu also offers a heavenly Lavender London Fog and a hot chocolates made with Bernard Callebaut chocolate. 

Definitely the best place for a healthy treat and a delicious coffee in this neighbourhood!

Belgravia, Mckernan, Allendale & Queen Alexandra

The WoodRack Café

7603 109 St NW

For this community, The Woodrack Café offers far more than coffee. It offers its patrons an experience. The vibe inside is entirely eclectic and stylish, from its well-planned blend of rustic throws or pillows on elegant couches to the antlers and driftwood scattered throughout, everything about the décor feels entirely reclaimed. 

The café’s commitment to sustainability and sourcing local vendors really punctuates this community gem. Their menu offers lovely options for breakfast and lunch, as well as the staple café fare of delightful pastries and hot beverages. 

But what really makes the Woodrack Café a hangout hot spot in the area is the “Happenings” that take place here. Their website gives a list of monthly events to check out, and they can be anything from ukulele lessons or tarot readings to live music or poetry readings. 

So grab a glass of wine or a latte and get cozy while you enjoy some local entertainment or curl up with your book at The WoodRack Café!

Whyte Ave

Block 1912 Café

10361 82 Ave NW

Though many wonderful café’s can be found along Edmonton’s Whyte Ave, Block 1912 Café has a menu and ambience that sets it apart. This café takes it’s name from it’s location in the Historic Hulburt Block Building which was built in 1912, and the vibe seems to draw its inspiration from these historic origins. Everything from the walls to the furniture is cozy and reclaimed and un-pretentious while still feeling trendy and sophisticated. 

The menu is simple but elegant. With hearty dishes like their Sirloin Shepherd’s Pie, or a delicious Prosciutto & Fig sandwich, anything you get will be a treat. Speaking of treats, this café boasts some of the best baked-goods in the city. And if Block 1912 Café’s wide variety of cakes doesn’t speak to your sweet tooth their gelato sure might!

It’s not just the food (which is delicious), or the vibe (which is inviting) that make Block 1912 Café a must-visit location for a specialty coffee and a treat. It’s also the little details like the wall of take-a-book-give-a-book and drawers of secret notes from past customers in the coffee table that really make this place a memorable experience. 

So, if you’re out and about doing some shopping on Whyte Ave, or just looking for a great spot to grab a coffee with friends, Block 1912 Café is sure to surpass your expectations!


Transcend Coffee

8708 109 St NW

With its awesome location next to Garneau Theater, Transcend Coffee is a great place to grab a coffee or a bite to eat before a movie. But any time is the right time for this café’s minimalist-vintage vibe. 

Transcend’s dedication to coffee is another thing that sets this café apart. Not only do they meet with green farmers, but also create lasting relationships and pride themselves on gaining access to some of the world’s best coffee producers. Many coffee connoisseurs in the city agree; the quality of their coffee is obvious. And people love their coffee so much that the café has started selling it online, and even set up coffee subscriptions!

At Transcend Coffee, the food is never overlooked. Delicious lunch and breakfast options compliment your coffee experience, and the pastries are indulgent. Even if you’re not a coffee-person, Transcend Coffee is likely to have something for you!

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