Corey Sylvester, REALTOR

As a brief introduction, my name is Corey. I have lived here in Edmonton pretty well most of my life, besides a short time my family lived on the BC coast, but ultimately came back after a couple years. I am now raising my family here in our beautiful city with my wife Elise. Born and raised in Edmonton, my roots run deep. Much of my family live in Edmonton as well as many friends. I love our beautiful city with its amazing river valley, vibrant downtown and fantastic restaurants, and entertainment!

My career in real estate began in 2010 where I started my real estate journey in the investment side of the business. I was working strictly with real estate investors from across the country, who were purchasing residential property here in Edmonton. I made it my mission to keep up on, and pre-qualify all available inventory in our target markets and keep up-to-date on our cities latest capital improvements to ensure that our clients were well informed. I developed a keen eye for property analysis, and given my experience in the trades (more on that later), I had a good knowledge for renovation and repair which all seemed to fit together for real estate investment. Several years later, I decided that I needed a change and wanted to expand my knowledge base. I moved over to what was at the time, the brand-new Liv Real Estate, whom had just recently left the Coldwell Banker brand (after 30+ years). It seemed to be the perfect fit for me. A new brand, dedicated to the customer experience and not focused on sales. Agents are awarded on customer satisfaction, not the amount of sales they did and that was an exciting prospect. They seemed to be way ahead of the curve for marketing and the latest technology so I came on board and haven’t looked back since!

Before my journey in real estate started, I had tried many different fields. Customer service, sales, and trades. I was an electrician for several years and spent time in both the commercial and residential divisions. It was a fantastic experience and I built a wealth of knowledge in the areas of renovation and repair having seen, and lived, the construction process from start to finish as well as bringing older homes back to life. It was a fantastic career, but ultimately wasn’t for me. I feel it paved the way for me to start a successful career in real estate.

Office Location: 18831 111 Avenue, Edmonton
Office Phone Number: 780-780-221-3088

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